Youth Ministries

When the youth give their hearts to God, our responsibility for them does not cease. They must be interested in the Lord’s work, and led to see that He expects them to do something to advance His cause.

Seventh-day Adventist® Church Manual, p105

Youth Ministries is made up of three components:

Each serves a specific demographic, but is meant for all ages.

Youth Committee

Director: Eleazar Fuentes

Sub-director: Griseyda Segovia

Secretary: Gaby Suazo



  • Adrian Loyo
  • Oralia Loyo
  • Natalia Loyo
  • Gabriel Loyo
  • Reyna Hernandez
  • Jeremy Sanchez
  • Isaac Fuentes
  • David Arreola
  • Gerlin Sanabria
  • Elias Nuñez
  • Erick Hernandez
  • Edison Urbina
  • Nathaly Mallma
  • Miguel Nuñez
  • Evelyn Irias
  • Marilyn Irias

Other Members

Director: Sarai Rodriguez